Friday at the Museum

It had been sometime since I
had visited my favourite local museum.

Turquoise print dress - White cardigan H&M -
Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Straw bag
There were new exhibitions, which was the perfect excuse.

After four hours in the museum, a walk seemed like a 
great idea, considering the surroundings of the museum
are quite interesting.

There was plenty of street art I had not seen.

The place was crowded with tourists.

I felt like one too !


LyddieGal said...

That sounds like a very delightful way to spend the day, and that flower wall is the perfect outfit location! Wish I could take my photos there!

Kim Alston said...

So glad you took pictures! That wall art is spectacular. Love your dress!

Mica T said...

That is a really cute dress, and I'm glad you took a walk around after - what beautiful street art! :) Really nice backdrops for photos too! :)

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Closet Fashionista said...

The color of that dress is so pretty! And wow, those walls are beautiful!

Jessica Cangiano said...

That outdoor wall art is gorgeous! How lovely to encounter something as fun and beautiful - it compliments your floral print dress wonderfully, too.

Big hugs & many thanks for your caring, kind comment on today's post, sweet Lorena, it really means a lot to me.

♥ Jessica