My January Purchases

This month I was really, really good.
I can barely believe it myself.

Just two purchases !
One of them was this pink salmon colour sweater by Daisy Fuentes
for 5.99 USD - I liked the colour and texture of this garment.

Another garment was this pink degrade Lauren Conrad dress for 9.99 USD.

The total for the month was 15.98 USD.

January edits

One of the things I generally do on the first month 
of the year is go through the pj drawer. 
It's usually where the first closet edits come from.

Just 3 pieces this time around.

Another item was a vintage like argyle cardigan.
I thought about keeping it but then I realised someone 
else could get more wear out of it.
A fellow blogger commented that she really liked it, 
so I hope she really does when she gets it in the mail :)

This little cropped jacket with military buttons did not have a brand.
It was really well made however for the time I had it, 
I wore it about four times.
None of these 4 times I ever felt it looked great.
Last time I washed it the lining began to peel off, it was the 
last sign I needed to let go.

Worn 5 times in 3 years: Glow Fashion white strapless top.
The top was stained, I tried removing it and it did not work
so I chose to part with it.

White button down shirt Nathalie B. stained, gone.

The red Covington shirt was a gift, but it was big and looked odd
the two times I wore it, so off it goes.

Also in the bag, a brown scarf. 
It was a gift I should have parted with a long time ago.

I've been going back to the accessories drawer.
Green crochet earrings and chandler type green an turquoise 
earrings I decided to part with.
I wore them before making a decision.

Oh, also my Russian Doll earrings, they don't feel "right".
Purchased in 2011 for 2.80 USD.
I think I wore these about 4 times, about 0.70 cents per wear.

My gold tone Tous bear like earrings. 
I don't wear them that much
and don't love them when I do.

Blue Color Connection dress, gone :( 
Purchased for 16.99 USD in August 2012.
Worn 9 times, 1.88 USD per wear.
It had very visible snags that I was not comfortable with.

Dresses were also "evaluated".
My Be Bop black white and grey dress originally purchased
in November 2011, for 7.49 USD, was worn 4 times in 3 years,
taking cost per wear to 1.87 USD.
It was big at the top and when I washed it the white top
part began to darken and the white did not look so pristine.

Another dress to go was the grey bubble sleeve from Famosa brand.
It was worn 4 times in 4 years. It was a gift, which is why I think is the reason
I held on to it.
It was clingy, fabric was thin and it had bubble sleeves.

This Kensie Pretty jean dress is from sometime in 2010.
Have no idea what I paid for it but since then I have worn it 9 times.
I am always tugging on it as its a but high waisted.
Its tight in the chest area and recently torn.

Lizsport skirt purchased from dead stock in July 2011 for 5.99 USD
Brand new but seemingly vintage, it was worn 4 times. It's very
hard for me sot style it, took it down to 1.50 USD per wear.
Time to go.

Ferragamo vintage sandals. Bought them on line for
16.28 USD for my grandmother, but they did not 
fit her or me. So, I sold them at the flea market for 20.00 USD

Kors by Michael Kors sandals purchased on sale from 
an original 245.00 USD price tag, down to 67.00 USD.
Worn only 4 times, a 16.75 USD cost per wear.
 They literally killed my feet but my friend Claudia loved
them, so I gave them to her :) 

These tan Michael Kors loafers were a gift.
I never wore them, well maybe twice.
SO off they go.

These black Nine West loafers purchased in 2012 for
25.99 USD. Worn once.
I have to begin to understand that loafers
do not look good on me, I cannot pull them off
no matter how much I love them.

My blue suede Zara were worn to pieces as you can see. 
Worn 34 times, I truly got my money's worth.

23 items for January!

Marie A's Wedding

I usually attend at least one wedding a year.
Although this year I think the number might increase.

JS Collection Marchesa-like black bow dress 
Attending a wedding is usually expensive.
The dress, getting hair and make up done,
the gift and if you have to travel add the
transport expenses.

Luckily this time around I had purchased the dress in
December, followed a make up tutorial on Pinterest
and was charged decently for getting my hair done. 

The wedding I attended this weekend was 
probably one of the most beautiful and fun.

Attention was paid to every little detail.

The bride looked impeccable and natural.

Everything was done in a very elegant and tasteful way.

It was also great to see family.
Although the day after, I was totally beat...

Kind of Organized

I am an organized person.
Well, kind of.

NYDJ - grey shoes Zara - White top Zara - Grey bag 
For example my shoes are all in one place.
Not so my bags.

If you ask me to find something the odds are I will
find it 98% of the time.

Silver tone vintage like Pearl earrings
Even if the drawer is a mess and cluttered I will find it. 

How about you ?
How organised are you, do you know where everything is ?

As Always

As always worn.

Blue top H&M - Grey shoes Zara - Grey bag
Someday I'll think of a more creative way to wear these
two items instead of always wearing them the same way.

Blue skirt H&M - Blue and grey vintage necklace 
In the meantime, different shoes, bag and accessories will have to do.

Happy Thursday !


For years I've had a pair of French fishnet tights, 
in a drawer... unworn.

Desigual black and white dress - Black suede pumps Juicy Couture 
Today, at least five years from their purchase,
they finally get their debut.

I added them to the dress on yesterday's post
and wore it to a Chanel inspired bachelorette party.

Needless to say I was quite happy with the results.

Pearl rings Parfois
Oh and the event was fabulous.

Black silk bracelet from Turkey
Decor was in pastels, black and white.

Perfume labels adhered to the clear vases.

Quotes from Coco ...

Never forget: a girl should be two things:
classy and fabulous.

Desigual Dress

A few days ago I had a birthday.

Black and white dress Desigual  - Black patent shoes Zara - Grey bag 
This black and white retro print dress from
Desigual was one of my presents.

I loved the print, the 60's feel and
the fact that it fit perfectly.

Don't you just love it when you are gifted something 
and I totally works ?

Chanel pearl brooch.
You get the feeling the person really knows you.

Black silk bracelet from Turkey
And can imagine them picking something special for you.

Pearl rings Parfois 
It just makes you feel special.