First purchases of 2014

My first purchase of the year was a beaded colourful
necklace at Forever 21 for 8.80 USD.

Followed by a dress, also at Forever 21 for 27.80 USD.

The good thing was that I had a gift card and only 
had to pay 7.30 USD

My final purchase for the month of January was
a pair of Adolfo Domínguez leather sandals, 
perfect for summer. 
They're from a flea market
and were 15.00 USD.

Total amount spent was 23.30 USD.

How did your January shopping go ?

January 2014 closet edits

Oh, a new year.
The dream of starting all over,
the possibilities are endless...

I have been putting a lot of thought into
my closet edits, maybe more that I should.

What's the style I want, which trends to follow,
what's too short, too revealing, what I never wear -
will I want to wear it again ?

Anyways, my first closet edit of the year was a 
vintage blue Nicole Studio New York dress. 
A hand me down, never worn.
It's just not me, and buttons are missing.

Also gone is this reddish August Silk dress.
I never wear it, the fit is not the best and it's torn in the neck lace area.

Another dress that's also leaving the closet is this 
vintage like TRAMP dress.
I have never worn it in the last 5 years, so
after wearing it one last time I am calling it quits.

This Zenana Outfitters turquoise tube top dress has been around since 2010.
Worn about 6 or 7 times, I just think it served its purpose.
(Actually it looked so horrible that last time I wore it that I just
decided to let it go).

DC Shoes burgundy sweater worn 4 times in almost 5 years.
The shoulder keeps slipping off, the buttons in the back 
keep on popping open - I love the colors but, it is not comfortable.

Rafaella black trousers purchased in April 2012 for 7.99 USD. 
Worn 5 times - taking it to about 1.70 USD per wear.
Sure, I wore them several times, but the length is off,
as is the shape at the bottom - I have better fitting black
trousers so I decided to let this one go.

Orange Sawary blouse purchased in April 2011 for 8.99 USD, worn 5 times.
I have never loved how this fit, even after having it altered professionally.

Also gone is my only Marc Jacobs item.
It's a blue and gold Marc by Marc Jacobs button down shirt.
Purchased in a consignment store in Virginia in August 2011 for 3.50 USD.
I had it altered and then wore it twice in 2 years, it was really itchy.

A sparkly top from The Limited.
Never worn because it was too clingy. 

My blue Anne Klein trousers.
Worn 8 times in 5 years, it was a little faded and tight :/

My red Best Jeans short sleeve blazer is also in the bag.
Worn about 3-4 times during the last 5 years. 
It's short sleeve, the waist is kind of off and I just don't wear 
it enough to hold on to it.

Top Shop top purchased in April 2011 for 1.99 USD.
It was worn 4-5 times since it was purchased.
I was never really happy with the results so I am letting go.

This vintage 1929 brand set is also leaving.
There's an interesting story behind it.

It belonged to my grandmother's twin sister
who passed away several years ago.
I thought the person that should have this
is her grand daughter, not me.
So, I passed it on to her.

A red Tous bear like bracelet. I never wore it, as simple as that.

Another item that I never wore was by zipper and 
stud bracelet/cuff.
Off it went.

My snake print Jessica Simpson wedges.
They were really comfortable but just fell apart.
Fell apart too soon if you ask me.
Purchased in February 2012 while in NYC.
I paid 15.00 USD and wore them 25 times, 
about 0.60 cents per wear.

My red studded Franco Sarto flats.
I think I've had these for at least 5 years, they're pretty 
worn out as you can see.
I wore them at least 30 times in their lifetime.

My green vintage Amalfi shoes.
These were hard to let go of.
But, they were tight and my foot is not going to shrink. 

Another item leaving is my Tous cross body bag.
It's really beat up and I no longer use it.

My red Nicole Lee bag around since mid 2010 
was beginning to fall apart, it was worn at
least 20 times… but off it went.

My no brand big brown sunnies had to go 
because they would not stay up and honestly,
I have other pairs of sunglasses I love.

I also had a pair in black, so for the same reason 
I let these go, plus they were beginning to peel.

This time around I also let go of a few scarves.
I love scarves but don't wear them that much.
First one out was this brown flower print one.

Next runner up was this vintage yellow and blue one.

New with tags this Arienne Vittadini scarf also left.

Another vintage scarf, colourful squares, also in the bag.

Another vintage number, which I liked but 
am not really wearing.

27 items

How's that for January ?


After years in the same location,
the company I work for decided to move.

DKNY jeans - Green top Adiva - Jennifer purple cardigan - Black flats Sam Edelman 
Today was the day to finish packing 
and moving to the new offices.

Luckily, the new office is in the same building.

Laughing at myself

As you're aware, my blog is a tiny one.

Black eyelet dress GLO by Gloria Vanderbilt - Red flats Franco Sarto
Any reviews here are my own and I don't have any sponsors. 

So I was quite surprised when I received an email from 
a company that wanted me to review their products…
I was even more surprised when I realised what the products were:
navel rings…

Great joke.
So, now you know why I'm laughing.

Orange again

I dont seem to make up my mind on this blouse.

Black pencil skirt Apt 9 - Orange blouse Sawary - Black suede shoes Moleca - Leopard print belt 
I bought it, had it altered and then wore it a few times.
However its not an easy blouse to wear.
I am inclined to wear it with black, making the outfit a bit Halloweenish.

So, this might just be the last time you see it.

Central Avenue

I went to the old part of the city this weekend
to find a particular colourful textile that is worn 
by one of our local natives.

Jeans Unionbay - Black tank Da Moda - Black flats Jessica Simpson - Yellow red print cardigan 

I had not been there in ages.
The place is not very safe and I have to acknowledge that
I should have not taken my phone or my bag with me, just cash 
in a pocket.

However I found the fabric I was looking for.
Now all I need is a seamstress.

My March 2013 faves

I picked my favourite looks from March 2013.

As you can see they are pretty simple.

Some are outfits worn to the office, while other belong to weekend outings.

As I look at them, I try to define my style.

I really don't know how to describe it.

How would you describe my style ?

How would you describe yours ?

Jessica's birthday dinner

Saturday night we headed out to dinner
at a friend's house to celebrate her birthday.

Green top Adiva - Jeans Unionbay - Green flats Seychelles 
Sometimes I feel that I do not spend enough
time with my friends - seems like everyone is so busy !
So it was really nice to be able to dine together.

Weirdest birthday gifts

I had a birthday a few days ago. 
Red jeans Old Navy "Sweetheart" - Black flats Sam Edelman - Black top Da Moda -
Red and black cardigan Cable & Gauge 
Was blessed with many many calls from friends and relatives and
even some very well thought of gifts, which I totally loved.

These gifts made me remember the weirdest birthday gift I 
ever received: it was a bottle opener.

How about you ? 

I'd love to hear what your weirdest gift was.

Two watches

This dress has not been worn in the last 5 years.

Dress August Silk - Shoes Red Lips 
Today is the first and last time you will see it as 
it is going in the donation bag.

Nine West black blazer
The seam is uneven, length is odd, the part that ties around
the neck has always been ill fitting and I have a hard time
finding a bra that will work with these types of dresses.

With this particular outfit I did something I had wanted to do for a long time: wear two watches.
It's something I saw in Mis Papelicos a blog by an 
inspiring woman in Spain, named Sacramento.

I absolutely loved how it looked.
And of course, I had someone come up and ask me 
why I was wearing two watches....