Refreshed Converse style nails

A few weeks back, as you may recall,
 I had my nails done
"Converse Style" with a french mani:

Since the Converse nail survived two whole weeks of 
planting and dish washing, I thought I'd remove the 
French manicure and add some colour.

So, now I can rock it one more week.
Talk about recycling... 


Alicia Mackin said...

So cute love the converse nails. And yes blogging is great for so many reasons but love finding out all these wonderful DIYs.

Allie of Dressing Ken

LyddieGal said...

hehe, how cute! nothing like a fresh manni (or a refreshed manni!)

Imogen said...

Genius! Never seen this before. What a creative and fabulous idea.

Kim Alston said...

Fun nails! HAHA