Funny faces

I know we usually try to post the pictures where 
we look our best.
Papaya pink jeans - H&M Divided pink and black stars bow top - Kate Spade bag -
Kenneth Cole Reaction black wedges
For a change,I thought I would post those that 
usually end up in the computer's trash bin:
eyes closed, blowing the candle, turtle head,
tongue out and the very popular nostril look.

Black jacket Nine West
Do you post your bad shots ?


Sheila said...

Ha! These are great! I usually only take 3-4 outfit shots total, so yeah, they all go up there!

Londyn said...

Ha! Too funny :) Love it. I totally trash my not so good pics, but I love that you're representing! We love all of you!

Kim Alston said...

you are too funny! i love that top lorena.

Pia J said...

So funny! Love it. I usually have way more bad than good so the bad ones go in the trash.


Anonymous said...

Nice! I'm a frequent blinker, so I have a lot of ;eyes closed' shots, but I generally don't post the bad pics unless they're pretty darn funny. Why not share a reason to laugh with the world, right? ;)

LyddieGal said...

hahahaha, no I don't post my bad shots, but there are always plenty! I actually take great joy in tossing them, and then seeing a gig of my hard drive space become free again.

Mica T said...

Love that polka dot shirt, and these photos are so fun! I take very few photos so sometimes I have no choice but to share the bad ones! Doing it myself with a tripod makes it harder to look natural I find!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I ACTUALLY POST SOME OF MY BAD ONES. Love the tone-on-tone Pastel Pink Look. Great Top & Trousers.