January 2013 purchases

My unexpected shopping usually begins with a trip 
to the mall to do something else other than shop for myself.
It may also happen while I am looking at a blog and 
then spot something I like.
Or when I get an email from a store I have purchased from....

Well, these were a result of me going to the mall:
Christian Siriano for Payless black pointy heels on sale for 36.38 USD

"Teddy bear clings to hot air balloon" necklace for 4.27 USD

Silver stretch ring to be used to adorn my pony tails for 1.60 USD

Blue and turquoise braided bracelet for 1.06 USD

A starfish ring to match my starfish cuff.

Via ebay for 3.00 USD including shipping.

Five new items in the closet=

January total 46.31 USD

My first 2013 closet edit

This year's edits have begun.
It all started with my Off Shore white button down ruffly shirt.
It was crisp white and has been worn on the blog X times.
And here come the "buts": 
It's see through.
When I am chubbier like now the button seems like it will pop.
But even though I am fuller, the cap sleeves are big.
This means that the fit is not good.
Also small specks of something (mold?) appeared in ruffle part.
That being said, this shirt is gone.

Here's how it had been worn before:



Next item leaving: Black sleeveless cardigan by Toxic.
The extremely long open front lapels did not work for me,
however it took me sometime to acknowledge it.
Sometimes that happens, you have a great item, it's
just not a great item on you - and this is a good example.

Worn 5 times in almost 4 years.
This is how I think I wore it best, with the long sides
tucked in under the belt:


Here are other attempts gone sour:

13 may 2010                                28 may 2010

17 may 2010                                   12 april 2010

27 Dec 2012

Another one that left is my Forever 21 top, been around for
4 years worn around 8 times - surprisingly made in  the USA.
It just wasn't working for me, I dedicated an entire
post to it here.

This time I also went through my accessories and 
also edited my bracelets and cuffs.

These left:

Argentina cuff - it was purchased for a game
and I realized I'll probably never wear it again.

Wood cuff
It was a gift, worn once or twice.
I just never wear it.

Asian like cord coin bracelet,
I bought this ages ago and it got a lot of wear.
The cord faded so
I stopped wearing it.

Green jade like bracelet 
Has also been around for a while,
and use to be worn frequently
but I no longer wear it.

Butterfly bracelets: 2 of them, I have maybe worn them once or twice in 4 years, so off they go.

Just 9 edits for this first month of 2013,
how are your closet edits coming along ?


I am in Medellín, Colombia enjoying the most beautiful sights.

Black trousers - Daisy Fuentes black t shirt -
Brocade jacket Sawary - Moleca black suede shoes

Although I do not visit this city often, when I do I am always
amazed at the gorgeous nature surrounding this place.

Funny thing is, it was not until I began to write this post and 
upload the pictures that I realized that I had taken no pictures of Medellín.

So, I guess....

You're just gonna have to trust me ;)

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all ?

Zora grey pleated skirt - White button down shirt - H&M Black cardigan - Vera Wang Lavender black flats 

Certainly not me !

This is what getting up at 6:00 am, conducting a training, meetings, visiting points of sale, 
getting on a plane and getting to your destination after 8:00 pm looks like.

All I can say is that I wore heels through it all - I changed my shoes at the
moment my customer dropped me off at the airport.

AND that is the reason why I should take pictures in the morning
and not at the end of the day.

The mirror never lies, it's us.

Chilling in Colombia

Yes, literally chilling in Colombia.

Da Moda by Periority black suit - Jessica Simpson snakeskin wedges - Grey button down shirt GO International Target

I am here for work this week and 
luckily I was prepared for this 8 C weather.

For my first meeting, I decided to pack a black suit that had 
not been worn in years.

During my last attempt to wear this suit, the pants were so tight that I could barely get the button to close.

Today it is not as tight and it worked through my busy schedule.

Something that did not fit before and now you can wear:
It's like winning the lottery !


These days I smell like Perles de Lalique.
It was a gift from a colleague - and honestly
before she gave it to me, I had never ever seen this in stores.

Sure, I had seen other perfumes from Lalique, but not this one.
This fragrance has been around for a while and some of its notes
include Bulgarian rose, pepper, iris which are all notes that I love.
As usual, when wearing a fragrance I have to admit that I
silently wait for someone to ask what I am wearing and hopefully
receive a compliment - in this case, the first day I wore it I did.
Now, don't take me wrong, for me, the most important is that I like it
but it sure turns it up when someone else does too :)

What are you wearing these days ?

Online shopping...

On line shopping...
we have been there and done that.
My first online shopping was through ebay,
mostly collectibles and a few antiques.
It was a phase.
Then it was shoes, several pairs at a time.
Then, clothes and that is how this Forever 21 top 
entered my closet.

This was over 4 years ago, about the time I started the blog.
So far, it's been worn at least 8 times in 4 years.

Most of the time, worn with dark trousers, once
with a skirt and even shorts.

But, looking through my pictures it's not a beautiful shirt
that fits me well and I look like a princess in.

It's more like what I wear when I want nothing tight around my waist area 
a top that I could match anything to.

The vertical prints create lines that make this top look a bit messy.
Sure, it's easy breezy but that's not what I want.

I just want to look put together and 
this top is just not taking me there, so yes -
this is an example of online shopping 
being turned into a closet edit.