Mirror, Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all ?

Zora grey pleated skirt - White button down shirt - H&M Black cardigan - Vera Wang Lavender black flats 

Certainly not me !

This is what getting up at 6:00 am, conducting a training, meetings, visiting points of sale, 
getting on a plane and getting to your destination after 8:00 pm looks like.

All I can say is that I wore heels through it all - I changed my shoes at the
moment my customer dropped me off at the airport.

AND that is the reason why I should take pictures in the morning
and not at the end of the day.

The mirror never lies, it's us.


Sheila said...

I think you look pretty darned good, Lorena! I look a lot more ragged at the end of the day.

Love the pleated skirt!

Lisa said...

You look pretty!

Lazy Madonna said...

Wow - you look amazingly cool and fresh for an end-of-the-day shot. Great outfit - suits your figure perfectly :)

Mica said...

I think you look great, especially for an end of day shot! Such a long day for you!

joshylola said...

Qué falda tan bonita!! saludos