My 2013 Purchases

This year I was bad.

I exceeded my 2013 purchase budget of 
1,400.00 USD by 460.94 USD.
I am conscious I went overboard with the budget in May during
a mix of business/vacation trip, it's happened before.

Not to justify myself but, my 2013 purchases were 133.32 USD less than
what I had spent in 2011 (1,994.16 USD) but, 135.67 USD more than 2012.

Anyways here's what I bought:

When comparing purchases versus edits of particular items I
realised that more items left than entered the closet.

 It went more or less like this:

In: 11 pairs of shoes vs Out:20 pairs

In: 15 tops vs out: 27 tops
In: 8 bottoms, Out: 17 bottoms

In: 5 bags vs Out: 3 bags

In: 7 dresses vs Out: 9 dresses

For skirts and belts, it was
a tie:

Belts= In 2 and Out 2
Skirts= In 5 and Out 5

For 2014, I'd like to stick to the 1,400.00 USD
budget I had set for myself last year.

Let's see what happens :)

2013: My Closet Edition Yearly Recap

This 2013 was an interesting one in closet editing.
I edited every single month and at least one item left the closet.

I let go of:

The highest amount of items was in the "top" category which includes shirts, 
t-shirts and blouses where 27 pieces left the closet, 
followed by shoes with 20 pairs going to other homes.

I have not "missed" any of the items given away and have 
had no regrets whatsoever - at least so far.

A total of 108 pieces left in a year's edit.

For 2014 I want to toughen up, get rid of more and 
only keep what really works.

How about you ?
How'd your closet editing go ?
Or is that still pending on your "to do" list ?

Last Day

The last day of 2013 is here.

Blue striped dress - Blue suede Zara flats 
Was 2013 how you expected it to be ?

In my case, it was not - although, yes I have to be grateful for 
many things - but I honestly expected so much more out of 2013 - 
Maybe 2014 will hand me better cards. 

Purchased in December

I have to admit I was very good this month.
I mean, considering it's Christmas 
and one is exposed to so many thing while
searching for gifts.... 

My first purchase was a chunky The One necklace 
for the sum of 16.00 USD.
I was actually out looking for a gift when I bought it.

I was also out looking for a gift in when I came
across these Jessica Simpson black ballerina flats 
for 19.99 USD. 

Same story here.
I went to this store called El Costo looking
for something specific for someone and I 
ended up buying these rhinestone earrings for 2.99 USD.

Followed by these colorful Melody bracelet bow/ hair bands
for 0.79 USD.

And... a pair of black brocade flats by Wild Girl for 2.99 USD.

Total for December 44.63 USD

December Closet Edits

Editing never ends and although the month of December 
is always hectic, I was able to get rid of some items.

First runner up, a fuchsia Neiman Marcus bag - worn at least 23 times.
It began to fall apart.

Then my Y Apparel flower print dress. Worn twice in this blog's life.
Decided it was time to let it go, I don´t wear it enough.

Black and white Scarlett dress.
It's also gone, I wore it once in this blog's lifetime, it was ill fitting.
Length was off, the chest area fit was also off. I just wonder what took me 
so long to decide to get rid of it. I guess it was because it looked good 
on the hanger.

I remember when I bought this Alfred Dunner sweater, 
the color of the year was "rust".
It did not get much wear and at the end there was piling on the fabric.

I had been looking for a light blue button down shirt for a while 
as I consider it a basic. Wore it at least 10 times in 4 years,
many times just for layering.
When I purchased this Merona one back in I thought I hit jackpot.
However looking back at the pictures of how I have worn 
it one thing continually pops up - and open
and it's the fact that the button on the shirt 
seems to be popping. So off it goes.

These trousers Land's End have been places, they've accompanied 
me on many trips. Worn at least 11 times on the blog.
However last time I wore them I realised it was tight and 
unforgiving on showing flaws.

Also leaving my closet is the GO International for Target black zipper jacket.
At the end it was too difficult to wear and I was never happy
 with the final result.

7 items out of the closet this month.

Table commons

Every Christmas dinner I have been to for as long as I can
remember usually has the same things to eat.

Blue dress Galeno - blue suede flats Zara
Where I live it's turkey, ham, braided egg bread, nuts,
potato salad, rice, tamales, fruit cake and spiked egg nog.

I can only wonder what is served at your table ...

Morning news

I was out the door by 6:30 am this morning.

Black trousers - White button down shirt Forever 21 -
Burgundy loafers Koaj
I had to be on time at the television studios for an early
live interview on the morning news show.

Thankfully this morning it went quite smoothly 
and my nerves were under control.

Have you done live tv ?
Do you get nervous ?

The 25th

On the 25th of December after all gifts have been opened,
and all left overs reheated, we usually head out to visit
friends or family members.

GAP jeans - White tank top - Grey flats Zara 
I usually try to wear some of the gifts I received.

This time around I wore two of the gifts received:
a chunky navy blue, pink and grey necklace plus a pair of
grey suede flats from Zara.

How about you ?
What do you do on the 25th ?

Holy night

Christmas eve was spent at Grandma's with family.

We don't see each other often, just for certain birthdays and special occasions.

Today was one of them.
Family is something you cannot chose and sometimes I think they are 
there to guide you and test you through life.

Antonio Melani dress - Red heels Melissa 
Happy Holidays !

Grey days

As Christmas day approaches,
even though you look forward to the celebration,
there is always sadness involved.

White and black flower mirror print skirt Apt. 9 -  Grey top One Step Up - Black suede shoes Moleca 

The sadness that comes from not being able to spend the holidays
with loved ones who have passed away.

Black jacket Nine West - Grey bag Arena Milano

Or loved ones you cannot be with.

Diego's Graduation

For Diego's graduation dinner I chose to 
wear my new bright neon dress.

Bright neon yellow Prabal Gurung for Target dress -
Grey pumps - Purple clutch
My dress by Prabal Gurung.
Prabal Gurung for Target, that is.

I have to admit I loved the color.

However the cut was not my favorite.

I had a good time at the dinner though...

I guess that's all that really counts.

Something nice to say

I have a friend that I don't see much.
Black t shirt Daisy Fuentes - Beige jeans Not Your Daughter's Jeans NYDJ -
Black wedges Kenneth Cole Reaction - Grey bag Arena Milano
We had lunch and as we parted, he said something nice.

Then, I realized that he always has something nice to say.

Do you compliment your friends ?

The big picture

I am the first one to look into details.

Jeans Unionbay - Black t-shirt Daisy Fuentes - Beige cardigan H&M -
Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Grey bag Arena Milano
Observe the small things.

It can be excruciating.

Sometimes it's much better to look at the big picture.

Three bucks

 have been scouting for a camera.

Burgundy peplum top H&M - Black and white trousers H&M - ISOLA burgundy flats -
Grey bag Arena Milano
Mine fell off a ledge and the lens were damaged.
The cost of repairing my one year old camera is almost
the same as getting a new one... so I have been on the hunt.

After going through endless catalogues and searching on line for 
something basic I'd made my decision, however I had not been 
to the store yet.
I was waiting for a sale.
So, I get an email from my bank inviting customers to 
a super mega sale for electronics in a well known and recognised store
within walking distance of where I work.

I decide to go: there's music, champagne, food... chalalalala !!

I get to the cashier to pay for my camera and save: 
3 (three) US dollars.

The trimmer

As I uploaded the pictures for the post,
all I could think of is that I need a hair cut.

Blue trousers Anne Klein - Light blue eyelet jacket Liz Claiborne -
Baci brown shoes - Grey bag Arena Milano
Which usually means a trim.

It normally sounds something like
"Can you please take an inch, just an inch off ? 
But, just an inch, don't get carried away..."

Are you a trimmer like me, or do you really
get hair cuts ?

Not once

On my constant and almost obsessive need to weed my closet
of unworn and ill fitting garments I came across this dress.

Black and white print dress Scarlett - Black jacket Nine West -
Grey bag Arena Milano - Beige pumps Fergalicious
It's made by Scarlett, sleeveless, black and white, below the knee, 
light fabric, cocktail like dress.

Allow me to add: which I never wear.

It's not been worn in the last 5 years.

I realize that I don't like the length and have 
issues with the chest area as I have to tug on
it all day long to avoid indecent exposure.

Today I wore it to work and gave it one last
opportunity... however I am more convinced now 
than ever that it needs to find a better home.