My 2013 Purchases

This year I was bad.

I exceeded my 2013 purchase budget of 
1,400.00 USD by 460.94 USD.
I am conscious I went overboard with the budget in May during
a mix of business/vacation trip, it's happened before.

Not to justify myself but, my 2013 purchases were 133.32 USD less than
what I had spent in 2011 (1,994.16 USD) but, 135.67 USD more than 2012.

Anyways here's what I bought:

When comparing purchases versus edits of particular items I
realised that more items left than entered the closet.

 It went more or less like this:

In: 11 pairs of shoes vs Out:20 pairs

In: 15 tops vs out: 27 tops
In: 8 bottoms, Out: 17 bottoms

In: 5 bags vs Out: 3 bags

In: 7 dresses vs Out: 9 dresses

For skirts and belts, it was
a tie:

Belts= In 2 and Out 2
Skirts= In 5 and Out 5

For 2014, I'd like to stick to the 1,400.00 USD
budget I had set for myself last year.

Let's see what happens :)


Jane Droll said...

girl, you are good with budgets and tracking expenses!

i spent a fortune shopping last year, and i need to tone it down this year and SAVE MORE MONEY. that is one of my (many) goals!

i'm also trying to make new outfits out of existing clothes. it is a creative exercise, and it is a lot cheaper than spending money on new stuff all of the time!


J. said...

I too am impressed by how well you keep track! I have no idea what I spent (not sure if that is a bad thing or not), so just seeing this is impressive enough for me, to be honest!


Well, here's to staying within your budget. Last year I spent less, because I remixed more of my pieces! Happy New Year! :-) /Madison

Anonymous said...

Impressive! I'm embarrassed that I honestly have no idea how much I spent. Gulp!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

You are such a pro at this - you should teach a class. I am super impressed with how responsible you are of keeping track of every item that enters or leaves your closet and every dollar and penny. Great job Lorena!!

I spent way too much last year. Most of which was shopping in the States of course. But I pretty much have everything on my must-buy list though. =)