What's your worst hotel story ?
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I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours....

Actually I've had several awful impressions in hotels.

One of them was finding poop in the toilet, this was in Colombia.
Talk about a warm welcome.

Another time I had the room service guy in Guatemala 
come knock at my door like a maniac, 
screams and all - 3 hours after I had ordered 
and eaten room service asking me to pay?!?!?

Once in the Caribbean I was being given a room that was IN USE.
The bed was undone, the bathtub was full of hair.

But it will never be as bad what happened in an 
event my office was hosting at an Intercontinental Hotel..
the guest and bellboy walked in on a couple having intercourse.

What's your story ?

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Mica said...

Oh wow I am thankful none of my hotel stories are that bad!

Once we were locked out of our room when the lock broke and the manager had to come fix it. We were very tired from a long day, but it ended up being very funny as we sat in the hallway and chatted as she tried to get our door open again. I think it was less than an hour and we were back in our room with a funny story to tell :)