At the tailor

Since I have such a crazy week ahead of me, Saturday was the
day I had to go everywhere and get everything done.

Liz Claiborne animal print top - Floré shorts - Obsession animal print flats - Michael Kors black bag

One of the many things I had in my to do list, was to try out a new tailor.
I have a marvelous one but with the traffic in the city I decided 
to look for another one.

One that was closer to where I work and also one that had 
a more flexible schedule.
I think we should do little things that make our lives easier.
So, I went to this taylor which happens to be a lady that I have met before.
So, I walk in and say hi and remind me her of where we have met before, who we know in common and my name.
She looks at me and says 
"Oh, but weren´t you skinny before, what happened ?"

Nice, uh ?


Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

oh noooooo lorena! hahahaha omg'd! talking about being direct! people are something. a good tailor is so hard to find! but it's important for your wardrobe. you look cute doll!

B a la Moda said...

Muy estilosa!

B* a la Moda

Mica said...

Oh wow I'm not sure if you should go to that tailor, she doesn't sound very nice at all! Shame :(

Melanie said...

What???!!!! I can't believe she said that!!! Especially since you are thin!

People are so insensitive.

Elegance Personified said...

How rude. I wouldn't choose her as my taylor based on that comment alone. Did you?

You look adorable & summery in this outfit. Love everything about it and what fun bracelet!