A Communion

We were invited to a First Communion on Sunday.
I try to show up every where I am invited.
Green dress Tahari - Bacci brown fabric shoes - Purple, pink and brown clutch - Butterfly glass pendant 
So, after leaving the ceremony to head back home we
drove right in front of a run down little gas station, in the middle of nowhere.

I had to stop and take pictures.

The pictures did not turn out as I expected,

but, hey 
at least I got a different backdrop.


Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

HAHAHA! Lorena, I love that green dress on you. What a pretty green! Love the belt and shoes too.

..EmiLiA..* said...

Que hermoso vestido, amo ese color tengo tiempo buscando un vestido asi.
Luces genial Lore, muy guapa


Anonymous said...

This color is just so beautiful on you.

ana said...

Quedaron monisimas! La primera y la tercera son mis favoritas!

Mica said...

I think the photos are beautiful, especially the first one! :)

Love that green dress on you :)

Elegance Personified said...

You look so elegant in emerald. Great dress & you styled it real well. I don't remember where that clutch came from, but I have it, too.

Actually I like the photos, sort of industrial & vintage. Especially the first two.

Kristen said...

I think the photos came out very well! Love the juxtaposition of you in your pretty, clean dress next to the broken-down rusty pump.