Sunday at Recoleta

It may sound kind of spooky that one of Buenos Aires' most 
visited attractions happens to be a cemetery: Recoleta Cemetery.

Saltworks jeans - Bandolino brown boots - H&M black coat

I have been here before.
The cemetery is right across from my hotel, so I thought
another stroll would not hurt.

I was able to catch part of a tour that told stories about those buried here.

There were the Romeo and Juliet type stories up to the spooky ones.

The one that impressed me the most was the one of a family that 
went back to have a body moved from a casket to an urn.

When they opened the casket the body had moved.

The person had scratched their face and the inside of the casket.

The person had been buried alive....


Kristen said...

That canNOT be true. Too awful!

Lovely, crisp pictures. It feels like winter(ish) looking at these.

Mica said...

Beautiful photos but what a scary story about being buried alive!

Terri said...

The story gave me a shudder, but the sculpture and mausoleums are remarkable!

Shybiker said...

Cemeteries are often beautiful places.

In the old days, there was often confusion over when someone was truly dead. People could be unresponsive but not completely deceased, so the story you tell isn't the only time that happened.

Lisa said...

The last picture is breathtaking.