Things I bought in June

I behaved in May and did not buy anything however
June was not the same.

I fell for this scarf print top. The colors are amazing. 
Feline USA brand, 16.99 USD.

Another Feline top, for 16.99 USD -
 I loved is this equestrian one with sailor like colors.
How the bow ties up front was the final reason I need to buy it.

Flower print MNG trousers from a sale in MANGO store, 
for 23.00 USD they had to come home with me.

Faith turquoise bead bracelet, for 4.95 USD.

My June total was: 66.26 USD.

Sixty six dollars seems reasonable.

Now, honestly speaking - I did not need any of the above.
I have enough tops and enough trousers and bracelets to take
me to the next century :(


Anonymous said...

I love the scarf top. I would say you did very well with your shopping! I spent more than you did in thrift stores!

Kristen said...

Those pants are SO FUN, and so you!