November edits

Whenever I chose to remove a garment from my closet 
I give myself reasons.

My reason for getting rid of these Platinum brand culottes is
because I have only worn them twice in over 2 years.
I liked how they looked last time I wore them but
they were so difficult to style and I did not feel good in them.

I absolutely adore the rich green color of this top but everything else is wrong.
Its ill fitting and the neck area is just unflattering.
Worn only twice in the over two years on the blog- this month it is also time to say goodbye to my green Zara sweater.

2009                   2011  

Ex-black (faded) tank top by Da Moda.

My "Killer Shoes" in the most realitic way BCBG.
They killed me last time I wore them, I cannot keep torturing my feet.
Besides they were worn less than 5 times in two years.

Lela Rose for Payless black peep toe shoes.
I have worn them very few times as you can see.
When I wear them it's like I am wearing diving fins.
They are big. Too big. 

My Brazilian made black heels from ALAS. 
I got a lot of wear from them but then I suddenly stopped wearing them.
I wore them a few days ago only to realize that they were scuffed.

My black Bandolino sandals are perfect on top but the 
insole just fell apart. Besides, I don't really wear them that much...

So, what have you gotten rid of this month ?


Kathya Stryzak said...

Buen dia Lore..esos zapatos me re gustaran..cuantas cosas hermosas!! besos y buena semana

Style Sud-Est said...

I like the green sweater - high heels i keep for shoots and my daughter will take what i am not wearing. I do get rid of stuff quite often...