Closet edits: August 2011

Not that many... but at least a few more 
items are leaving my closet this month.

Due to the humid weather my bags continue to fall apart, I really do not know 
what else to do in order to keep them alive.
I really loved this bag but at this point it cannot be repaired.
My 10 year old Tommy Jeans, from another era.
They still fit (miracle) but it's time to let go.
I have gotten every single penny out of them.

Also time to let go one of my 7 For All Mankind jeans. 
They are a size 28 and tight.
Even when I shed a few pounds it cuts me in the middle and I looked back at some posts of me wearing them and decided I can live without them.
The same for this Tommy Hilfiger top, it's a little small so off it goes.
The "ex-black" Faded glory tank top, was as faded as glory could get.

An animal print belt :(

Certainly the shoes need no explanation.
My red Miz Mooz purchased in New York about 3-4 years ago died in the streets of New York too... they are one of the best walking shoes I've owned. 
They will surely be missed.

My fuchsia Alfani sandals and my Expose sequined flip flops
also left the closet. Sadly, also did my Ferragamo loafers.
They were too small. I never wore them. 
I have more shoes than I need so 
I will be making an effort to downsize in this department....

I have never really shared with you my accessories drawers but
let me tell you that I have too many things that I do not wear.
Two of them are on their way to a better home: 
Brown studded bracelet and Tous pendant.

How about you ?
Have you gotten rid of any items this month ?

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