Abbeycourt is the name of this home.
I think it is from the 40's and I adore all
the details...


Purple dress Cherish / Neiman Marcus black tote / White blouse Angel /

We made a quick stop here on our way to the hospital.
Thank you for your kind words.
I guess right now we just have to be thankful for the time
we can share together.


Jenava said...

The purple is gorgeous on you and the crisp white top sets it off well. I like that the purple is so long, so we get to see a lot of it. I am a big fan of this shade, plus I think it suits you.

So sorry you are having some sad times. It does make us grateful for the good times, doesn't it?

Miss Emma Kitty said...

I love the top over the dress. This is a great look that I will copy soon ! You and your Family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Vanilla said...

Love your outfit :) This house is SO pretty

Love, Vanilla

KATHY said...

realmente hermosa!! ame..beijossss

drollgirl said...

hell i want to live there!

Sheila said...

This is a lovely outfit - and what a neat neighbourhood.

Thinking of you and sending good vibes, Lorena.

Jade said...

love the dress!


Anonymous said...

I really love this outfit! The white shirt looks so crisp and natural! (Hmm...whenever I try tying a shirt at my waist it always ends up looking so forced.) You're rockin' this!