The Shower Rant Continues ...

Indeed, the issue has been dragged on for weeks now...
It started here and to sum it up for you:
I was indirectly asked to be a part of a group
(4 people including me) to organize a baby shower for my h's cousin.
I am not close, not a friend, but she is my h's family.
I was never contacted directly, messages came to me via another person..
One day I received an excel sheet from the pregnant girl, no text on the email, 
just a list of attendees and games and food. Nothing else. 
I was given very smart advise such as Torrie's (in the comments area)
but honestly I did not want to pick up the phone or deal with it at the moment.

Kensie Pretty dress · Kenneth Cole Reaction wedges · Neiman Marcus black tote bag 

Then one day I get a text message from another of the so called "organizers".
The BBM (only addressed to me) read
"Hi, as we all know we are organizing the shower for X, we are
considering in hosting a tea afternoon at Hotel X , the cost per person attending is X  and
X has a list of 30 people who she would like to invite.
I have chosen the cards and the favors and here is a picture, I spent about X .
What do you guys think ?"

I did the yoga Darth Vader breathing before I answered:

" Hi X, please let me know when you are going to meet "
She ignored my question and resent the image and added
"Look here is a sample"

Green cardigan 525 America 
I did not reply to that message.
Days passed and I kept getting messages through another person.
On Saturday I called the message sender and asked her to let me know when they were going to meet, I told her that I did not want any misunderstandings and that I needed to have a clear picture.
So, this morning I get a text from her 
" Today meeting at X location "
To which I answer:
"Hi, good morning,  can you please let me know at 
what time the meeting will be ?"

So, yes today at 6:00 PM is the meeting.
Tune in for the end of this story.


Vanilla said...

That sounds really frustrating, but your outfit is great :)

Love, Vanilla

Ariel Maile Adkins said...

What a lovely dress! And the green cardigan is unexpected but works very well :)

Iris said...

Wow, I'm sorry that this stressful thing is happening. I am stressed just reading it, I'm glad BF's family isn't like that.

On another seemingly less important note, I love that dress!


Precioso vestido!!! No sabes la envidia que me das!!!


Delane said...

you will look fabulous for your meeting!!!!

Good Luck..and "may the force be with you!"

Miss Emma Kitty said...

Wow what a mess. Hopefully this mess with the shower will be over soon.
I Absolutely Love this outfit. I Love the pairing of the dress and cardi and those wedges are Perfect. I Love the detailing. Those shoes are a very classic and sophisticated piece.

Sheila said...

How annoying! Good luck tonight at the meeting - and know that you look AMAZING!

I love that necklace.

ana said...

Tu vestido es muy bonito!! pero con el suéter se ve aún más bonito!!

Torrie said...

Wow... I was wondering what happened!!

This is actually pretty entertaining (not for you, unfortunately!), and I look forward to reading onto the conclusion (or should I say, finale?).

Thank you for your comment too :).