Care for a Rant ?

It's just one of those moments
when people either think I am __________
(please fill in the blank with an adjective after you finish reading this post)
or I really, really do not know what to think.

Ok, so I am known, well known for organizing events, 
from low budget weddings, to bachelorette parties, 
children's parties, birthday parties, 
bridal showers to pricey corporate events - you name it.

It comes natural and it's actually really easy for me.
I organized my 300+ guests wedding on my own.
So, you get the picture.
My h's cousin is pregnant.
I see her maybe once a year, never talk to her, but she is family. 
Have these 2 open channels of communication with her: 
Facebook and the BBM.
However time goes by and I have no messages from her.
Today I get an email from the pregnant girl addressed only to me
with the subject "BABY SHOWER".
Inside an excel attachment with a list of guests, menu 
and an estimate.
No message, no nothing.

I do not know how to handle this.

Please tell me what you think.
Am I doing something wrong ?

Seriously, fill in the blank...


Judy C said...

I think you've been had. By someone who wants to get out of doing anything. Email her back and ask for a list of what each person is contributing and more specifics and tell her you'll get back to her.

drollgirl said...

um, YOUR COUSIN IS AN ASS! i am sorry, but COME ON! hello?!?! come on! i can't stand her!

lord, i have said too much! please forgive!

years ago MY COUSIN asked me to be her maid of honor, which i found perplexing. and then she told me it was because I WAS TALLEST, and she wanted things to look right in the photos. what a jerk!

p.s. loved your comment. the older i get the more i have to MAKE MYSELF go do stuff. most times i am tired and would rather just chill at home. then sometimes i get frustrated and angry that i don't get out enough and enjoy life. and then the cycle repeats. oy!

Miss Emma Kitty said...

Wow ! This is Crazy. I agree with Judy's comment. I hate it when people take advantage of others.

Shybiker said...

How sad someone would think they can get away with this. Favors should be reciprocal and covered with compliments, thanks and real conversation. This person is taking but not giving. She doesn't deserve your efforts.

Delane said...

Cake, punch, some Jordan almonds and call it a day!!! I have helped a lot of people throw parties and have not even gotten a thank you.

daisymay aka Chantele said...

She is so taking advantage of you. If your really not that close then tell her your sorry you can't help organise at the moment because you have too many other commitments but you hope she has a good day. Seeing as she hasn't really made any proper contact she can't really turn around and suddenly start making conversation. She obviously doesn't want you there (no offence!) or she would have made more of an effort!
Hope you manage to sort it
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julia louise said...

i really like your blog :)
follow each other?<3

Sheila said...

Aw, that's wrong that she's doing this to you, Lorena! I would mail her a card with whatever contribution you want to make in it (I would send her nothing - such bad manners!), and tell her, "have a nice shower."

Bombshellicious said...

You could just get in touch by email and say sorry maybe a close friend of hers could do the baby shower instead or the girls mother as you have found that you are just at the moment far too busy with work commitments and thatas she has all the information that she needs it will be easy for her family lol, wishing you luck xx

Anonymous said...

lol, I found all those comments so eye-opening! My mother calls me Mother Teresa, as I'm always up for help, and it's so easy to take advantage of me. However my case is so bad, that if someone will ask me to borrow two pounds, and I'll be hungry and only have two pounds for myself, I'll still give the money to that person. Without asking to give it back. And I'll do the same thing for ever and ever and ever. You should definitely send her a question mark in the attachment. Please let us know how it ends :)