7 Things

I got an award !
So I have to share...
7 Random things about me:

1.  If I have to chose between something technology or antique related, 
antique will be my pick.
2. I have very little patience. Very. little.
3. I do not enjoy waiting for someone or being late.
4. I am disciplined but NOT when it comes to exercise. 
5. I don't wear a lot of makeup.
6. I wish to own my business today, something small.
7.  Sometimes I hate living in the city.

Thank you Miss Emma Kitty of FancyBella  !

How about you ?

Wanna share something with the rest of us ?


Anonymous said...

I am working at the place, I dreamed to work as a child. Of course now I am so disappointed I didn't want to be someone else. You know how some children have dreams to make ice cream for a living? I am a machine operator at the ice cream factory. :D However it's far from my dream job these days.
FAQ of working at the ice cream factory
-is it cold there?
it's cold in winter and way too hot in summer.
-do we get free ice cream?
sometimes, when we make mistakes and use wrong packaging or have no packaging at all, or when the lollies are almost expired.
They don't give us good ice cream
-do I still like ice cream anyway?
Yes I do! I do eat a few lollies a week at work, but my favourite ice cream is any ice cream that we don't produce.
-How much ice cream do you throw away?
On a busy week in summer we waste about 20 tons of ice cream.
Oh, that's a long comment :D

Shybiker said...

Nice answers. I enjoy learning more about you.

And I share your impatience with those who are late. It is disrespectful. I have one friend who is always an hour or more late for events, which really tests me. She's caused us to miss the beginning of plays, etc. and she never has an excuse. Aarrgghh!

Miss Emma Kitty said...

I also have very little patience lol. Thanks so much for participating in the Award q & a. I Love finding out facts about my Fave bloggers.