Listography Wednesday

Once again it's time for Listography!

I have nothing to say.
For today's Listography theme:

"List sports teams you’ve seen play"

I am not a sports person.
Seriously and honestly.

I am trying to remember WHEN if EVER I went to see a game ...
I have to say maybe baseball ?
If I go back to, like high school, I was a cheerleader for a
very short time so I guess I watched football ?

Sorry guys.....


Miss Emma Kitty said...

I agree, when My Husband watches sports on TV I take a nap lol.

Notorious MLE said...

I'm not a sports person either... but I do love hot dogs!

Torrie said...

Well, that was an easy list!!

Love easy (when it comes to these lists :).

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Of all the games I have seen, only about half I have enjoyed. I agree with Em, sometimes I am just there for the food!