More Closet Edits: January 2011

I strive to have a better fitting wardrobe every time
I edit my closet.
Make sure that whatever it is I keep, 
makes me look good.

So, out the door go: old Hello Kitty pijamas, ill fitting white summer dress,
 ill fitting pink wrap shirt and earrings that just do not do the trick for me.

Also moving on are a couple of shoes.
White Marie Claire sandals bought in Peru, they rusted. Need say no more.
Animal print Bandolino sandals were falling apart and the brown suede
Aerosoles mules speak for themselves.

Good riddance !


KATHY said...

Renovando el placar??? besos lore

Anonymous said...

I did it too! I removed 14 items from my wardrobe!! I couldn't bear to throw it away, so it still sits in the basement. I will either wait till a charity will drop an empty bag to the postbox and ask to fill it up (they do that in here), or.. well I'm working on it :D