Listography Wednesday

This year I committed to "Listography"
meaning that every Wednesday I will 
tell you things in a form of lists,
according to the assigned topic.

More about this here.

This week, it is:

List places you would like to visit.

The place that first jumps into my thoughts is 
E G Y P T 

Then there is a blank, followed by Turkey.
oh and the Balkans.

Then I just want free access to visit 
a couple of brains.
Get into people's thoughts.
Oh, there is one 
mind I am dying to visit.

So tell me, what places would you 
like to visit ?


Torrie said...

Yes- I'd love to visit Turkey! And I'm sad to say, I don't know where the Balkans are (is?)... I'm sure you saw in my post- *geographically challenged. :)

(And I don't think your list is too short at all. We have to start somewhere, right? I felt that I needed to do a long one this time, but others will be super short, believe me:).

I'll be back later to read your other posts... gotta take Hailey to school!

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I too would love to visit inside a few minds. Very Being John Malcovich.

Shybiker said...

Cool answers. Those are exotic places.

If you want to visit somewhere really different, come crawl inside my brain... :)

Notorious MLE said...

Yes! Turkey! I would love to see the Hagia Sophia. Last year I posted an Imaginary Vacation to Turkey on my blog. It looks amazing.

And how could I forget Egypt? The pyramids, the Sphinx, the NILE!

Frances Joy said...

Oooh, Egypt! It's high on my list, as well. Actually, I'd go anywhere in Northern Africa. Turkey is AMAZING! I like to think I've traveled quite a bit and Turkey is in my top three.

Anonymous said...

Egypt would be a cool place to visit but I would really like to visit Germany and Italy

La Mary said...

Yo me muero por ir a Paris!!! a ver si este verano..., que me caso puede ser...


Joye Schwartz said...

Yeah, the Balkans do sound interesting!

Anonymous said...

It might sound odd, but I'm not a big fan of Muslim countries. I don't mind the religion itself, I don't mind the people, I have quite a lot Muslim friends, and one of them even brought me some jewelery from Iraq. I think it's about all the restrictions, I don't even know. However I wouldn't go for holiday in Turkey. I know it's beautiful, I do. As I said, it probably sounds odd.
On the other hand, some of the Balkan countries would definitely make my top 10 list! I always wanted to go to Croatia!