It's not my favorite

This is not my favorite look.
This Guess top has not been worn in at least 2 years.
Lately I have been running around in the mornings to 
make it on time to work, not having enough time to
think outfits over.
DKNY Jeans · Guess top · H&M Cardigan · Kenneth Cole bag

I have not had the inspiration to put outfits together
the night before and as it does not come that "natural" to me - 
I am walking out not truly convinced of how I look.

Silver pendant (gift from grandma) · Heart (gift from h)

So, that's the story behind today's look.
I have to pull my act together, continue my closet edits and
buy tons of magazines or browse more and more blogs so I can
get some well needed inspiration !


Judy C said...

I think the top would be supercute with a knee length skirt and I also think it looks super with the cardigan.

Sarah said...

I really like this top. The color is great and I love the details here. Great look!