Art Crush

I was invited to an art exhibition 
that I happily attended as the painter
is local and is quite known.
He was an art teacher in the high school that I attended, 
and although it was long before my time, 
I still feel the connection.

Concepts dress · Nine West flats · Yellow clutch
The exhibition was held at a local museum and it was 
p a c k e d.
I ran into a high school friend that I had not seen
in, well, at least 15 years.
She did not recognize me. As usual.
I never get recognized.

But, the highlight of the night and of the day was
running into MY high school art teacher who had 
been a himself a student of the painter back in the day.
Not only had he been my teacher, but, he
had been one of my favorite ones.
He was patient, caring and in general a good person.

So even though my chances of being remembered were
pretty much zero, I could not pass this opportunity to 
let him know he had been such a good teacher and that
even though I was never very artistic, 
he literally brought out the best I had in me.
I even told him that I keep my high school sketch book from
his class, which I actually do.
I cannot tell you how very happy I was.
First of all I never run into anyone from my
high school and he was not just "anyone" - he 
was my favorite art teacher   e v e r .


.Sex.Fashion.Glam. by §abrina said...

lindo estampado


ana said...

el color es estupendo!

Anonymous said...

I know that feeling! I run into somebody all the time. Sometimes I make new friends here in England, and then later find that we share some same friends back in Lithuania. The world is such a small place sometimes.

Miss Emma Kitty said...

This dress is Beautiful ! It is a work of Art.