Product Review: L.A. Colors

Someone asked me last week what nail polish I was wearing.
It´s LA Colors: Tropical Storm.
Dries super fast, one coat is enough, lasts long
and I paid less than 2.00 USD for it.
Could this be the perfect nail polish ?
Have you tried this brand before ?


Anonymous said...

I've never seen that brand before, but the color is awesome!

DeVero said...

Such a great color ;)

KATHY said...

A quien tengo que matar para obtener este color????
besos Lore..que tengas un buen jueves

Kim said...

ooo, i really like this colour. Your nails look really nice :)

Melanie said...

Thanks for this! I'm fairly certain I've seen this brand for about $1, but didn't purchase it because I assumed at that price it would be horrible. Glad to know that it is a good polish!