This top reminds me of NY

Like so many other millions out there,
I have a special love of New York.
I have been going to this city since I was 16 .
On 2008 while trying to get my head straight during a
long walk out of the LES I encountered H&M on 5th I think...
At the moment they had the Marimekko collaboration
from which I picked this top.
So, everytime I wear it I think of New York.
Actually, I think of it more that I should. 

Happy Saturday!


Shybiker said...

What a pretty top! The wild colors and design are fabulous. A piece this special would definitely remind me of where it came from.

I live an hour from Manhattan (on Long Island). I don't know where you live (it's not identified) but hope it's close enough to NYC so you can still visit. I love walking the streets of the City: there's such energy in the air.

Iris said...

New York is awesome!! I'm totally biased though :)

Biba said...

Love the colours!

Anonymous said...

never been to the city, wish to go there one day :)
the top's color is really unique.. and love how u mixed it with the necklace.