Closet Edits: November 2010

I get easily attached to things.
I know I shouldn't, but I do.
It's a bad habit I am trying to break and it
is one of the reasons I do my Closet Edit posts.
I need to stop and analyze, see things from another perspective.
For example this month, it's shoes.
I have a thing with shoes, I have too many of them.
Sometimes I refuse to give them away as
they remind me of things I have done in them.

For example the ones to the left I got in Barcelona a
few years back and remember wearing them on many
trips, one of them was to San Francisco which was a trip
I looked forward to for a long time.
Getting down to business I adore them and they are comfortable
but they should NO LONGER be worn outside my home.
They do not add to my image but subtract from it.

Do you have items that take away from you instead of adding value
to you and how you want to portray yourself ?

This is a good time to let these go.


drollgirl said...

sometimes it is hard to let them go!

i had to throw out my favorite sandals this year. they got me through a LOT, and i just loved them. but they had to go. wah.

i have another pair of sandals that have lasted me for YEARS. years and years. they were fantastic, but i knew their days were numbered. thankfully i saw the same sandal on sale, and i scooped up another pair. YAY! so it was a little easier to let the first pair of this set go. a little.

jamie-lee said...

I think sometimes it's really hard to throw something away that you have worn and loved so much!

As for my nails, I painted the lighter colour at the bottom and the darker colour at the top

LyddieGal said...

I suppose it is too many pairs of black flats... But I agree it's so tough to make those choices!
Things that have traveled always become very sentimental "these soles walked on marble streets and ancient grounds! Now they are magical and I can never ever toss them!"

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me! :D It gives me a heartache when I throw something away. But when it's time to let go of one thing, I let it go and then I go shopping to fill the hole in my wardrobe and in my heart. :D

ana said...

Yo no soy muy apegada a las cosas... y si estan muy desgastadas si las tiro, a veces la ropa que ya no me pongo en mucho tiempo pero que está en muy buen estado se la regalo a una prima que es mas o menos mi talla y una que otra la guardo para mis hijas o nietas... pero si es bueno hacer un inventario y decirle adios a lo que ya no te pones tanto... después ni cuenta te vas a dar que ya no lo tienes!

Sheila said...

I'm going to clean out my closet soon - there's a lot of stuff in there right now that I'm going to let go. Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

i did the same thing last week. i succeeded in letting go 4 of my comfortable flat shoes. its abt time those shoes retired. :P