The Brown Gap Pants

I got these brown pants about 3 or 4 years ago in LA.
(Yes, I know I have told you about them before)
They are from the Gap and I have gotten a lot of
wear out of them as you can see...

Here's the issue, they are low cut.
They just sit too low on my waist, cut me in the 
wrong place if you know what I mean. 
They have also began to fade.
Brown Gap trousers + Forever 21 Top + Kenneth Cole Reaction flats 
I do have another pair of brown suede trousers and brown skinny jeans.
However I do not know if I should let these go.

So, here is where YOU COME IN.
What do you think ?

Should they stay or should they go ?


Franca said...

Keep! dye them back to colour!

drollgirl said...

they are pretty cute! and pretty flattering! i think they can stay!

note: i HATE when pants are too low. i TOTALLY know what you mean about them cutting in the wrong place. bleh! i have that problem with some underwear plus some pants, and i know that is tmi!!!! sorry!

Frances Joy said...

I think they're cute and flattering. Of course, if you're uncomfortable in them, let them go. But it does seem like you wear them pretty often...

KATHY said...

ahhhhh perrito lindo..y la cartera amarilla!!

LyddieGal said...

I think it has to do with how they make you feel. If you like how you look in them, and can wear them all day without issue, then keep them.
otherwise, they should go!

B a la Moda said...

Qué de combinaciones!! Muy prácticos sin duda.

B* a la Moda

Anonymous said...

I tend to wear things until they become completely unwearable. Your pants look good to me :D If you really love them - keep them.

pinkbuble said...

Keep it!!
Cut it short for casual looks good on u :)

Sheila said...

Stay, but not for work - they need to move into your casual wear if they're fading.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for a pair that isn't so low-waisted!

hillary said...

I say never keep anything that cuts you in anyway. I know I'm guilty but I'm trying to stop myself.