Closet Edits: September 2010

This month my closet also got a few edits.
Even though my mental goal is to downsize my shoe department, it is taking a while to get there.
Some things are either too small like my Vertigo t shirt or not ever worn like my Charter Club top. 
I cannot continue to wear  items that will work against me instead of for me.
You are all dressed up and then look down and see cracked, scuffed, worn out shoes ? That does not speak well of you.
This is the case for the Nine West shoes and the vest.
These shoes are falling apart but I keep saying to myself that I will have them until I find a replacement. 
I bought them about 4 years ago at the Nine West store in Pottomac Mall, VA. Honestly, I did not ever imagine I would get so much wear out of them.
I have not found a replacement so I will have to toss them out or I will continue to wear them. I know me.
The same for the vest. I sat down to try and figure for how long I have had it and 13 years seems to be just about right. I have gotten cents per wear as not only have I had it forever BUT, I have worn it in every continent I have been to.

Sometimes you just got to let go.

It's difficult. I usually give them one last chance before letting go.
Are you holding on to items that are just not working for you ?


KATHY said...

yo tengo q desfazer de algunas prendas impossible..besos

nurmisur said...

It's always more dificult to get rid of shoes even if you know they don't look good anymore. I wonder why...
But you're making a good job if you're giving up things that you know don't work for you.

iminozz said...

Oh I love those shoes, maybe a shoe cobbler could fix them for you. My shoe guy has done miracles for me.