Freedom on a Sunday

This weekend was good.
I can imagine how people who have kids feel 
when they are given a weekend off.
My weekends have been "inlaws' " time since my 
husband's father had a stroke early last year.
The H and I had breakfast with friends and 
then went bed hunting and pillow shopping.
Since November we had not gone out together
to buy things for our apartment.
It was a breath of fresh air.
- Faith 21 dress
- Turquoise patent skinny belt F21
- Fuchsia sandals by Alfani
- Yellow bag by Lulu


Meli22 said...

that is wonderful! glad you enjoyed your time, especially as a couple. It is SO important to have time for yourselves!

That dress is fantastic BTW

Sheila said...

I like those sandals - I prefer my summer shoes not to have a thong between the toes.

Good for you to take some "couple time"!