"The Problem is You Have Too Many Clothes"

That it my problem according to my H.
I complained this morning about mold growing on my 
leather bags and on my "pleather" goods falling apart and 
his heartfelt answer was:
"The problem is that you have too many clothes.
When was the last time you wore that ?"
I had no reply for him.
I did a 6 month shopping ban and I continue to purge my 
closet on a monthly basis.
Now, it is true I have begun to shop again, just a little less.
- Black trousers
- Elie Tahari blouse
- Snake print skinny belt
- Cameo Cuff
- Gold toned earrings
- Beige and black shoes Payless
- Black leather Paloma Picasso vintage bag
The thing is when I go shopping I usually
score really good items at great prices.
Take for example what I am wearing today.
Can you guess how much the entire outfit cost?
(Amount the the end of the post)
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Some friends like to go shopping with me because
I can find things and I know what to look for, so they say.
Others stay away from me because I take too long.
Anyways here is what today's outfit cost:
- Black trousers 4.00 USD
- Tank under blouse Carven (birthday gift=free)
- Elie Tahari blouse 10.00 USD 
(check the picture above, original price at Macy's was 368.00 USD, 
of course we know never to pay full price)
- Snake print belt 3.00 USD
- Beige and black shoes 10.00 USD at Payless
- Cameo Cuff 1.00 USD
- Gold toned earrings 3.00 USD
- Black leather Paloma Picasso bag (vintage gift from great aunt=FREE)
Total: 31.00 USD
(Note: none of these items are thrifted)


Jen said...

Tell H. that shopping is your therapy!! Tell H. it's either shopping or a pshycologist ;-)

Happy Monday Dear! xo

drollgirl said...


i always try to get deals, too. it is fun. and my closets are BURSTING. it is a problem. and i just ordered 6 dresses. i have no idea how i will fit them in my closet, but i will find a way. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I love your outfit today - that blouse is classic and chic. And for $31 - holy moly lady, that's incredible! I need to go shopping with YOU sometime!

Kristen said...

Too many clothes?! I don't know what that means.

(Although mold on leather bags is worrisome. Can you store them differently?)

I really love the romantic look of this on you; that cameo bracelet is so pretty!

iminozz said...

Tell H it's therapy and keeps you from being home nagging...lol. I def go through my closet and if haven't worn it in 1 year it's gone, or if it rides up, looks unflattering, itchy..it's gone.
That blouse is great on you and I wish you and I could shop together!!

Delane said...

I love the blouse. I love Elie Tahari. He is one of my favorite bridge wear designers. I have a bunch of his stuff that still does not fit me, but it will soon (I hope).

Looking sharp!