First Time

It's the first time this year I wear this skirt.
For some reason I do not pay much attention to it.
Last time I wore it I thought about giving it away.
But, now I am kind of glad I didn't.
I had never worn it with this top before.
I like it and am now thinking of shortening this skirt, just a few inches.
I have noticed that I tend to wear my skirts too long 
which is not very favorable to my height...
This is one of the reasons I blog.
Make changes keeping in mind that
there is always space for improvement !
- Yellow, orange, white and fuchsia  skirt by Amichi
- Pink tank top (not seen)
- Fuchsia - orange blouse
- Gold toned Bamboo and green necklace
- Green and gold peep toe flats Payless
- Urban Expression XXL bag 


Iris said...

I think if you shortened the skirt it would make your legs look super long and be much more flattering! Either way you look really cute, I love the pops of green :)

Sheila said...

Love the skirt - I'm glad you didn't toss it. I agree, you should take a couple of inches off it, though. This outfit looks great with the touches of green!

Franca said...

Such a lovely skirt!

Bombshellicious said...

Love the skirt xx

ana said...

It's such a lovely skirt ;) perfect for summer... you should wear it more often... have a nice day!

drollgirl said...

these colors are fab! and i LOVE the bag!

and i think a little shorter on the skirt might be a tiny bit more flattering. 2" or above the knee. or right at the knee. or maybe i am thinking of what i would do for ME. a hahhahaha. regardless, you look super!

Julia said...

Hemming it would be great! It's such a lovely color, and you wear it very well!


Kristen said...

How pretty! Love the colors.