Eyelet on Eyelet

"You look like an antique lady"
Those were my H's words when he saw me wearing this.
- White eyelet skirt INC (gift from mom)
- Turquoise eyelet top Juction West (gift from mom)
- Red suede belt
- Red flats Miz Mooz (NY)
- Urban Expressions XXL bag
- Turquoise, red and orange vintage like earrings
I don't wear this top very much.
In fact, in the last 3-4 years I have probably worn it 3 times.

This makes me think if it's worth keeping an item that I almost never wear.
Do you ? Would you ?


Sheila said...

I really like the top on you! You should wear it more. However, if you actually don't like it, then you may as well pass it on.

I love the red suede belt! Have you noticed how hard it is to find a plain red belt??

Iris said...

I love the turqouise and red color combo!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful skirt! Eyelet patterns are so wonderful.


Dr. Da said...

Eyelet is so summery! The skirt is devine. I think the top is very flattering on you shape-wise, and is a great color combo in this outfit. Is the shirt uncomfortable? You don't like the color? Do you find it hard to style with many things? Maybe those questions will help you think about whether it is keepable or not.

Taylor said...

Haha, sounds like something my husband would say.

You're wearing my favorite earrings again! I LOVE this color combo. I haven't tried it yet and I need to do it.

Delane said...

I like the turquoise and red color combo.

LyddieGal said...

men are so silly.
I love that skirt and I always adore a red and turquoise combo.

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