WTF: Who needs foundation ?

Yes, who needs foundation ?
Can someone answer that question for me ?
I am talking about foundation as in make up for covering up blemishes,
for setting a clean canvas for the application of make up and such.
I came across this and find it a little disturbing.
I can almost see this photograph accompained
by a letter that heads something like this:
"Dear Santa" 
WTF ???


Taylor said...

Wow. Like, WHY?! That's all kinds of wrong. And weird.

Carla said...

weird lol

Bombshellicious said...

Children and young girls dont need makeup unless they are playing at dressing up like some girls or boys do or unless they have a disfigurement which needs a bit of help. Otherwise its totally wrong whats the matter with the world?? xx

Iris said...

super creepy!

Leah said...

That's a young boy right? WEIRD!!!

Have a great week ahead! xoxo