Summer Wardrobe Capsule WRAP UP

I enjoyed the Summer Wardrobe Capsule as I had not done an ALL DRESS week for sometime now.
Even though the Challenge allowed for the use of many bags, 
I stuck to one: my padded Marc Jacobs wanna be bag 
and I also found myself reaching for the same pairs of shoes, over and over.
I also visited all (all whose blog links I could find) of the other great ladies that participated in the challenge.
I came across great blogs that I had no idea were out there !
Which now, of course are in my reader.
SO, whats the next challenge ?
I am all hyped up!


Kristen said...

I love the wrap-ups after challenges best of all, so I can see everything together. I love that you did an all-dress week and didn't repeat any of them, and boy you had fun with your accessories!

Jan said...

This has been an incredible week ,feeding my thirst for fashion ,even if I am a little old for some of it now ,Ihave posted check it out ,
love Jan xx

KATHY said...

Os acessorios sao divinos!!! besos

LyddieGal said...

Congrats on winning the challenge - you had some really great looks, and I can see why you kept going for the same bag, it's gorgeous!!

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