Why ?

So here I am uploading the weekend pictures.
Went to the supermarket and to the mall. 
They are plain, boring and not very thought of. 
I wear jeans and a t shirt.
Nothing fancy, so WHY even post them ?

I decided to post them, well first of all 
because I have been posting what I wear on the weekend since 
I began the blog.
Also, because I need to see what it is I am doing that I do not like.
Believe it or not THIS helps.

For example yesterday I ran into a co worker from my job 10 years ago.
She was wearing a simple flowered dress and flats. 
She looked comfortable and beautiful. 
I was, on the other hand wearing what you see below:
Jeans are always the first pick when going out to do errands 
and it is in so many ways a uniform.
I have about 10 to 12 pairs of jeans. 
They all fit (some a little tighter than others)
I need to stop "jeans" from being my first pick.
How can I do that ?
Any tips ?
I have even thought of giving half of my jeans away....
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Carla said...

jeans are my first pick too...
but u can NEVER go wrong with a nice pair of jeas

KATHY said...

vis y sua cartera amarilla..q linda..besos

Kristen said...

Nothing wrong with jeans on the weekend, I wore them a couple of times myself this weekend! But you can easily shake it up with some cute casual dresses. You know you like them too, and they're even easier than jeans and a top.

iminozz said...

The first outfit with the green top and long necklace is very cute! Here in Florida people tend to wear shorts and flip flops casually and I fell into the same rut-dresses are becoming more popular. Since I don't do sleeveless or too short (most of the summer dresses) I stocked up on some cute denim skirts just above the knee, add cute sandals/flats and it's done. You already have cute sandals and could try a different denim.

Sheila said...

I pretty much only wear jeans around the house - if I'm going out, I'll usually change into a skirt. I don't know...I'm just not a jeans person.