Shopping Ban...

Yes dear, my shopping ban is frankly still in effect...
True, I made a small parenthesis for my last vacation, but to be honest I held back A LOT.
I did not buy things on impulse and thought about each of my purchases.
Here's two of them:
Bag was 28.00 USD and Leather belt was 12.00 USD
In all, I spent probably 100.00 USD - which I think is rather amazing !
Now back home, I continue to stay away from malls, delete newsletters and work my full closet. 
I have noticed that I am a little more interested in DIY projects and other things.
Of course now I have a little more cash at hand.
My credit card is getting in shape and I am using that extra money to do minor repairs on my car, which were badly needed.
Little unnoticed things continue to show up during this ban... all positive I must say.
A shallow enlightenment, I may add.
So, to bring you up to date, this is what I vowed to do:

1. I will not buy anything during the month of January 2010 
Update: Did not BUY ANYTHING!
2. In February I can buy one item
Update: Travel parenthesis here. 100 USD spent.
3. March I can buy 2 items but, 2 items of the same kind must leave my closet
Update: It's mid March and I have NOT decided what to BUY....
4. April no purchases allowed
5. May, June, July : one item per month allowed
6. August, September, October: 2 items per month
7. November, December: one item per month

Any of you lovelies in a shopping ban ?
I'd love to hear from you ! 


Dr. Da said...

I am on a year long quasi-shopping ban. I am only allowed "new to me" ebay, Goodwill, Salvation Army, consignment shops and garage sales are my places to shop. I have a few exceptions: 1. I can use giftcards to purchase at regular retail shops (so I am making my Christmas giftcards stretch). 2. Underwear, accessories, and athletic apparel are exempt. So far so good!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I am still recovering from my one year workthatwardrobe shopping ban but I do like the rules you have set. I may consider.

Emilie Delance said...

I get so many shopping urges looking around in Blog land! Sigh* I really try only to buy stuff I "need", though it's hard ^_^

nurmisur said...

Maybe I will after buying some items that are really miss in my warrobe or at least set a budget for it.

Clau! said...

Mmm nunca he hecho eso de ponerme metas de cuando comprar y cuando no, lo único es que cada que voy a comprar trato de hacerlo inteligentemente, si veo algo pienso muy bien si le voy a dar buen uso o se quedara en mi closet, si tengo con que usarlo o no y cosas asi, con ese método he dejado cosas que me gustan pero que en el fondo se que no usare mas que una vez o ninguna en el peor caso, asi que lo recomiendo ñ_ñ