Day 3: Wardrobe Capsule

This is bad. I am usually really organized. 
I like to plan, at least sketch. 
So far I have done none and the results are dull and monochromatic outfits for this Wardrobe Capsule, which is a CHALLENGE. 
Sorry the chief is still in town, I am still sick and jet lag is not my friend. 
Here's today's wear:

- Black skirt GO Target 
(it's actually a dress, the upper part is hanging inside the pleated skirt)
- White short sleeve blouse
- Black patent skinny belt
- Black patent shoe Nine West
- Black patent tote Neiman Marcus

AND NO... I am not wearing white tights... I am just pale!


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Lorena - I love your style. I remember admiring your capsule last time. You have a similar shape to me and I always thought I coulnd't wear trousers until I saw yours yesterday. I made my mind up to get some and now that skirt/dress. I must have a skirt like it.
Keep inspiring me.

Sheila said...

It's such a nice classic look - very 50s, very chic.

Biba said...

I totally agree with Sheila, lovely classic look. And I absolutely adore your Day One outfit! Great tights!

Julia said...

My outfits don't have much color either for this challenge. Ah well. I love this look though, very chic and put together. Thank you for your kind words -- my husband takes my pictures, and he's very talented :)


Make Do Style said...

Very classic good look xx

Diya said...

classy!!! if you want to be versatile for the challenge I say go for neutrals like you have done here.

ps. please take a second to check out my new blog:

LyddieGal said...

It's not dull, it's classic!
I'm sure you will find a way to add some color and fun to thursdays and fridays outfits!

Jane W. said...

Love the creative use of dress as skirt! Very Dior "New Look."