Sunday Exercise... long post.

If you have not heard it before, here it goes again.
I am terribly lazy when it comes to exercise, I wish I wasn't.
I rather starve than get my butt going, really. It's not something I am proud of, and I have attempted to make changes.
For example once I began taking boxing classes until I hurt my arm and spent an entire morning in the ER. Of course, I never went back.
Then I planned to join Curves and then their rates went up and I decided I did not want to pay that much, so I left that aside.
I have a park nearby and a huge walkway about a block away, so yes I know I keep finding excuses.
For example, I have to get up too early and it will be too dark, or I will get all sweaty and my hair bla bla bla....

In an attempt to brake this curse, Sunday we went biking with friends.. and then to breakfast:
After coming back from this ride we decided to take my H's parents for something to eat...
- Light blue jeans Tommy Hilfiger
- Turquoise-Green Top Zara (gift for my birthday)
- White sandals (Peru)
- Sun silver and gold earrings 
- Black, turquoise, fuchsia and gold tone bracelets
- Vuitton bag (fake)

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