Call me an Idiot

I know I have already talked about this issue before and what makes me most upset is that it actually matters to me when I should not care, period. 
It's when people don't appreciate when you go out of your way for them.
But, I do, so, just call me an idiot.
- 7 For All Mankind jeans
- Creme color top with embroidered center by Carven brand
- Tan leather flats Palladium brand (bought in NY)
- Tous bear earring and ring
- Textile bracelets (Argentina market)

My dogs kept wanting to get their picture taken this morning.. and how 
could I not ??! They are soooo cute.


Meli22 said...

I LOVE that tan jacket! :)

hmmm. I have similar family issues myself... I can't say much about it, but I've been of the 'ignore it and it will pass' type, and trying not to get too emotionally involved either way since she is a part of the extended family no matter what...

hillary said...

we have the same problem with my sister in law. She is the most selfish person on the planet and the world revolves around her.
We tried the ignore and it will go away part but after 13 years she has only gotten worse. So we don't ignore we just stopped actively trying. No calls presents nothing. Why bother not like she is going to even say thank you.

My mother in law is well aware but not only does she turn a blind eye she ACTIVELY throws us into situations with her only for us to get hurt again. She wanted to go out for valentines day because its mother in law and sister in laws birthday and dave stood up and said NOPE not this year we are spending it together. We arent going to let anyone ruin our day.