My last post for 2010

This is my last post for 2010.
Another year gone by.
I am catching a cold, so I am feeling awful.
DKNY Jeans / Calvin Klein Top / Kenneth Cole Reaction Shoes
Plans for the last night of the year include having lasagna dinner,
going to early mass and a lot of Thera-Flu.

Hopefully you have better plans.
Fun ones at least.
I know I have a tough year ahead.
A year in which I will need a lot
of strength and faith to keep going.

May your new year be one full of joy and health.

Nina´s Apple

I remember when I first saw the campaign for 
this fragrance, it was like a princess' story.
The playful girl, the apple tree... it was
all very girly and fun.
So when I finally had the opportunity to have 
Nina by Nina Ricci I was excited to get 
that same feel you get by watching the tv ads...
and I certainly did.
Just by holding the delicate bottle, you feel like
you are holding a feminine work of art.
It holds a fragrance that is not overpowering and
that can be worn from morning to night.
I loved the fragrance and later 
I learned that it has some of my favorites: 
vanilla, lemon, lime and even cotton.

Have you had a chance to try Nina ?

Product Review: L.A. Colors

Someone asked me last week what nail polish I was wearing.
It´s LA Colors: Tropical Storm.
Dries super fast, one coat is enough, lasts long
and I paid less than 2.00 USD for it.
Could this be the perfect nail polish ?
Have you tried this brand before ?

Kensie Jean Dress Again

I promise that I will not wear this dress for a 
while, well at least a little while.
It's just so very comfortable !
Kensie Girl Jean dress · Worthington cardigan · Kenneth Cole Reaction peep toes
I got an odd look this morning after I put on my little person hair pin.
It was referred to as "the dead doll".
Does it look like a dead doll ?

My Stomach Aches

It's just been too much food.
I have nothing else to say, my stomach has been 
hurting since last night.
Dress Merona Target · Red Lips strappy sandals · Liz Claiborne Bag
Yellow Belt Forever 21 · Ring from SIMAN in El Salvador

December 25th and 26th

The jean dress has been worn 
over and over and over these last couple of days.

Kensie Girl dress

In my defense it's comfortable and light.
It's also a dress that fits loosely, which works great at the moment 
due to the large amount of food ingested.

It's also a dress that fits loosely, which works great at the moment 
due to the large amount of food ingested...

December 24th: Christmas !

This is all the dancing I got on Christmas.
Nine West Dress - Bandolino black sandals - Bracelets Charlotte Russe
We spent the evening at a dinner we were invited to AND
where WE had to bring the turkey.

When was the last time you were invited to a home to
celebrate Christmas and was asked to bring the turkey ?
Oh, and someone else had to bring the ham !??

A Christmas Shopping Miracle

Have you ever gone shopping on Christmas Day ?
Walked into a supermarket at 11:00 am to pick up the turkey ? 
Well, that was me and it was not the best idea.

Kensie Girl Dress / Anne Klein Flats

The supermarket was crowded with impatient people, I
on the other hand decided to smile my long way to the
cash register and vowed to never leave the turkey shopping for last.

I also went to check the stores, well just one of
my favorites, a quick stroll and here is the miracle part:
I have always loved Missoni.
I look at in on vintage shops, I look for it on special
sales and never found a price that fit my budget, that
is until that miraculous day.

The print caught my attention as I browsed the sales racks.
Then I looked at the tag: Missoni.
Being Christmas, the price on all dresses was 30% off the tag.
But, wait, not the 747.50 USD tag
BUT THE 9.99 USD tag
on the picture below:

 Tag reads size 46 and I am a 42.
I tried it on, it was big, but I could not let this one go.
I will certainly pay more in alterations as when it was ringed up,
price was 7.00 USD plus tax.
This is the same store I had my Lanvin miracle happen
last year.

So, tell me .. have you had any shopping miracles this season ?

Celebrating a Birthday on the 23rd

Can you imagine a birthday on the23rd of December ?
Well, it was not mine but it is still crazy and very
All hotels and restaurants are buzzing with
corporate Christmas parties and all places are crowded.

Kensie Girl Dress / Melissa Shoes
It's an ordeal to find a place to celebrate and
also buy a gift without having Christmas carols haunt you.
But, you gotta find a way... and we did: a
nice restaurant in the old part of the city,
where there was good music and not crowded.

My Christmas Wish To You !

By this time you guys are probably
turkey stuffed and swearing you will
not have another bite ever...
Yes, I know the drill, I do it every year.
Hope you have Peptobismol and similars nearby,
I sure know I do.
Just a quick message to wish you 
a good Christmas Holiday and to remind you
to cherish those around you.
It's a good moment to stop and be thankful
and also to help those in need.
It's a good moment to start over or at least try.



Christmas 2010

Here are a few shots 
of the Christmas tree and other decoration
that I am still working on....

Ornaments for this tree are from so many different places, I
cannot even begin to tell you !

The dogs are constantly hoping that one of the mice will fall off the tree
so they can play ...

They also like to snoop around and see if they can 
find any presents for them....

A few years ago they got upset as there were not presents for them 
under the tree, so they decided to pee on the rest of the gifts and
chew on some ornaments.

Now we make sure to have one present for each of them.
(Lesson learned)

My dress form aka "La SeƱora" is also into celebration,
she stands in the living room wearing my green cardigan and
some star lights we picked up at Ikea a few years ago.

Some of the same star lights were added to my Nativity scene.
A new miniature Nativity scene was added to the collection, it was 
a gift from a dear uncle.

Santa's reindeer - well they have been around for over 
20 years too...
Finally the living room table ...

Happy Holidays !

Headache Thursday

I have had a headache since early this morning.
I hope it will go away.

Talbot jeans · Charter club top · Kenneth Cole flats (you can't see them!) 
Today I am doing errands and probably some shopping.

I do not like what I am wearing, it just feels 
like something I would have worn in the 90's.

Silver Tous accessories

I give it a 6.
From 1 (worst) to 10 (best), how do you rate it ?

Wednesday Inspiration

I take forever to digest a magazine.
I flip through it once.
Then I go over it once again this time paying more attention 
to detail and also read some of the articles.
Then I go back see if I missed anything  and
then I tear out the pages that are of interest, such
as the one below from ELLE.
Afterwards the page is kept in a tin box for inspiration.
Today this page was the inspiration for today's outfit.
This is my only military green shirt and it's only been worn
once on this blog.

Button down shirt Younique · Black pencil skirt Poetry · Anne Klein flats 
 Honestly I would have never thought of pairing it together with
animal print, I usually just pair it with jeans.
But, I liked the combination !

Silver Tous accessories 

So, where are you spending Christmas ?