Wardrobe Capsule Challenge Day 5

The week has come to an end and so has the Wardrobe Capsule Challenge !
It has not only been fun but, also eye opening... 
For the "grand finale" I chose to wear:
- Grey pants
- Black sweater (no brand)
- Animal print scarf (black, grey, white)
- Black patent shoes PM brand
- Red patent bag (no brand)
- White gold Gucci earrings
- Blv silver ring

Before going to work I had to go to a government office to get a vaccine.
I hate government offices .. but the drive back from there had the most amazing views, one of which I would like to share on this sunny and breezy morning...


Penny said...

That sure is a beautiful road to drive on and you look beautiful too! Please tell me more on what you learned.

Lorena said...

Thank you, there was sooo much green ! I wish I could have stopped to take nice pictures but I had to get to work...
One of the things I learned is that I have too much stuff... it was eye opening to see what I could do with sooo little.