This Odd Friday . . .

Today is Friday, a day before the big party, Grandma's surprise party.

I took some hours off this morning from work (vacation hours) to go to the salon so I could have more time available tomorrow.

Had my nails done in a color I loveeee.... it´s from O·P·I, forgot the name.

As I walked out I saw this beautiful tree...that reminds me you have to stop once in a while and look at the good things around you and over all be grateful.

Today I put together:
- White summer dress - this is so old !
- Turquoise tank
- George brand black cardigan
- Gotas brand black flip flops
- Lulu brand yellow bag
- Yellow rose plastic earrings

This old dress I usually wear on weekends but I wanted to make my morning feel like it was weekend but after the salon I had to go to work so to cover the V type cut I added the turquoise tank.... and to be warm in the cold office, the cardi.

I took a lot of decapitated pictures and since I did not know which one to chose, I just uploaded all of them.

So, I have a party to put together tomorrow... what are your plans ?


San Francisco Stylephile said...

Love your yellow rose earrings! They are so cheery and pretty!

Elaine said...

I love your earrings too! They're so pretty! That is a great dress and I liked how you styled it with blue and black ;)