Things I have begun to notice . . .

One thing this blog has allowed for me to do is be a little bit more self conscious of the things I wear.
I realize I wear jeans A LOT, I love them and my job doesn't have a strict dress code, so I am ok wearing them. Although I want to start holding back a little.
I have also noticed that I am wearing skirts A LOT more than before. I want to start wearing them EVEN more.
Another thing the blog has helped me realize is that I often pair the same things together and therefore I limit them and myself.

One of these examples I what I pulled out today:
- Brown GAP pants
- Pink tank top
- Pink Tangerine brand wrap around shirt
- Bamboo and green long necklace
- Green Prescriptions peep toe flats from Payless 
- Yellow LULU brand tote

For some reason I ALWAYS wear this light pink wrap around with brown pants.
Once this shirt is back into the closet I have to be more creative with it.... if not it´s like wearing a uniform.  

Do you do this ? Always pair the same things together ? 
Or am I the lazy one ?


Penny said...

I think we all fall prey to conformity or ritual so don't feel bad. The blog thing is an amazing way to realize one's tendancies -- what looks great, you should continue doing, and what you should stop from doing. I think you actually dress very, very well and you also mix things up so cleverly. Can't wait to see how you plan on mixing it up even more:)

Elaine said...

My blog helped me with how I wear my items too! I've definitely been wearing ALL of my clothes because I look back at my pictures and keep a mental track. Anyway, I love the colors that you put together in your outfit. Pink,brown, green, yellow. You don't see that a lot. Isn't it fun when you come up with cool color combos like that? And for the pink shirt....maybe you could try it white pants? or you can try tucking it in but it's a wrap so I don't know how that would work.. Hmm.. I guess you'll just have to experiment :). And I do pair things together....not all the time but I see a color pattern. and I'm trying to be more open to putting different colors and patterns together. And you are NOT the lazy one!!! ;) Sorry for the super long comment...

Lorena said...

Thank you Penny, Elaine !
I have to be honest, I did not have much of a choice with the bag.... happens that I didn´t have access to my handbags, long story short my mom is using the room where I keep them.. so it was yellow or yellow and I'm glad it came out right... :)