For Grandma, with Love

My grandmother is turning 80 today.

If I had to pick a person who had the most influence in who I am today it would definitely be Grandma.
From her I learned many things and she still teaches me something new everyday.
She taught me to never walk out of the house with my hair wet, to always save for a rainy day. 
She is still trying to teach me how to walk straight, God will I ever?
She is probably the most honest person I know. 
She drives me insane sometimes but, I love her with all of my heart.

Today she is turning 80, my mom and my aunts are throwing her a surprise birthday party on Saturday. We are expecting 100 guests.
My contribution to the party, besides the handmade invitations, birthday cake, balloon and flower decorations is a slide show. Almost no one knows about it.

I just took a break from scanning pictures that I sneaked out of her house.
Seems like I will never finish on time. I have come across some pictures that have had me time traveling... of better times.


Penny said...

Que bella y sofisticada! You certainly did pick up her fashion traits. I'm sure you're going to knock them all out with this presentation. May God continue to bless her with an eternity of love, health, and prosperity:)

Fell4fashion said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandma!! Love that bottom pic of the two ladies! How gorgeous and chic! Maegan said...

omg this is so sweet. Happy Birthday to your special grandma!

Lorena said...

Thank you for your kind comments... it´s always imperative to have someone to look up to, she is my person.