Morning walk

This morning I went for a walk. 
I had programmed myself for 30 minutes that ended up being 15.

It`s a park about half a block from where I live and my grandparents used to take me there when I was little.

The park was in awful condition, plants were not being taken care of, it was full of trash, the sidewalks were broken and full of dirt.

On top of that there are a couple of constructions going on around it and all the construction workers were sitting on the park benches.

Every time I went by a a group of workers they had a not requested comment to say to me, although some did say "Good Morning".
I was not to hear any more uncalled for remarks and I cut my time short and went home. Can`t say I didn´t try !

I actually tried to do the "Sheila walk" but I could not get my arms going - I got the legs but was not able to coordinate the arms - I will try again though! 

I took these pics at the park this morning.

My tennis shoes had not seen the light in a while.

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Penny said...

That's a bummer:(