Busy on a Tuesday Morning

Today before coming to work I did tons of stuff - or at least for my standards.
When I got up I got on the bike for 15 minutes (note I never exercise), went to the supermarket to get some stuff, made lunch and picked up a dress from the seamstress !
All this before coming to work.
It´s not even 9:00 am and I am already tired. 
Somewhere in between I put together:
-Vest and pant black pinstripe suit Nathalie B. 
-Ruffly sleeveless Uno Core fuchsia blouse
-Bershka black and white heels (bought in Valencia, Spain)
-Neiman Marcus brand black patent tote (gift from mom)
Do you do anything before going to work ? or am I just nuts ?



Penny said...

I wake up before work! LOL!!! You have fantastic energy. Love that suit....and oh, those shoes!

hillary said...

this is all kinds of fabulous! My 7th anniversary is coming up as well. 2002 was a good year to get married I know a lot of people that did it seems.

Lorena said...

Penny, thanks, the only downside to the shoes is they are not so comfortable :(

Hillary, yey for 2002! - i think i read on Already Pretty it was her anniversary just now too... OMG it´s your opportunity to get those sunglasses... anniversaries can be "mini-Christmases".

ana said...

I love your shoes!!!

Lorena said...

Gracias Ana ;)