Tough Day

Today I am really trying - see my pic below trying - trying to put a good face
forward but my H came in last night with news about the possibility of losing his job.
This is scary. 
We have a lot of stuff going on. We have stuff we need to pay for ! Who doesn´t?

I need to keep a clear head and need to hope for the best.

Today I put together:

- Grey pants
-White  button down long sleeve shirt
-Black cardi from H&M
-New yellow necklace
-Black Bata pumps


Penny said...

Yes, keep your chin up and think positive. No sense in completely worrying about something that may or may not happen. I know how scary it is to have your job on the line and to be out of work but don't despair. It's always the unexpected bumps in our lives that take us unexpectedly to greater things.

Love that yellow necklace btw:)

Stay Strong, Stay Blessed Maegan said...

OH THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!!! love your necklaces.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - it led me to yours and I love it. I hope things work out for you. Your outfit looks fantastic by the say. The yellow gives it a real zing!

Lorena said...

Hey Penny, thanks for the positive thoughts :)
they are sooo needed and well received.

Maegan: thank you!! actually I love everything on your site ... specially the DIYs...

TheSFOMLife: Thank you for the compliment and for coming by!