Wednesday Night Dinner at Uncle´s

Yesterday after work I rushed home to change to go to dinner at my uncle´s house.
I tried to continue my challenge... all I did was:
- 7  For All Mankind Jeans
- Oscar brown top (I wore it as a vest today to work)
- Purple/green thin scarf  
- Green peep toes from Payless
- Gold tone thread earrings
- Gold tone and brown cuff (gift from Ana Maria)

My purple scarf (WHICH I LOVE)  is falling apart mostly because I put it in the washing machine and THEN the dryer.... can you think of anything else I can do with it ? Any crazy ideas are welcome.

I chose to wear the new earrings, which are gold tone and are "threaded"-
I love the way they look plus they are as light as a feather - but the thread started to come apart... I know I can´t expect much out of 1.50 USD, but come on ! 
Happens that since it was so dark all my self taken pictures with the BBerry were bad... so my best choice was emphasize on the accessories.


Penny said...

A college roomate once told me that if I cherish certain delicate items, don't wash them in the machine. Instead, wash them by hand and let it hang or lay flat. If you don't have time to wash by hand - her second option was to throw it in a delicate cycle but not in the dryer. I've kind of followed that advice and have had great results. Another thing is that if I don't have Woolite, I wash it by hand with old gentle shampoo I have lying about in my linen closet. I wind up storing shampoo here and there from gift baskets and what not. So if you have any old shampoo lying about...use that too. Hope this helps:)

Lorena said...

Thanks for the advise, I feel so dumb.
Because I should have been more careful, but to be honest I am kind of lazy, and this is the price I pay.
I´m going to take a long look at it to make sure I don´t destroy anything else in the future and try to figure out what else I can do with it.